Our world is fast-changing. The world is now a global community, yet our local communities, families and interpersonal relationships are increasingly fragmenting. Different cultures are enriching our lives, yet integration is causing discomfort. The workplace is becoming increasingly challenging. Social media is creating a whole new social dynamic. Is it any wonder that we need help?

The Psychology-Help practice was created by Dr Kenneth Preiss to assist people in addressing many of these issues.

Dr Kenneth Preiss, the Principal of Psychology-Help, has over 30 years of experience working with people from around the globe in addressing their psychological challenges and personal/work life. He has been advisor and consultant psychologist to large corporations, as well as, a personal therapist.

Dr Preiss has combined academic research, and has conducted both large and small projects including publishing award-winning and peer-reviewed research. He is registered to practice as a Psychologist in Private Practice.

Services delivered include: Individual and family psychology, including appropriate therapeutic interventions; interpersonal conflict; bullying; trauma recovery; as well as, personal psychological assessment and evidence-based reports submitted before the courts; as well as, hypnotherapy.

We are here to provide psychological help.